Preparing Children For the Future

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Given the challenges they face in society today, it’s important we equip them with the tools needed to navigate through the complexities of life.

This is why I created the Kids in Leadership Workshop. I wanted to provide a fun and interactive way to teach our younger generation the soft skills required to get along with others, and build confidence in themselves.

Creating Future Leaders

The Kids in Leadership is a book series that follows Astro and his friends as they work through challenges around acceptance, bullying,
and teamwork.

Each book comes with an interactive question and answer guide, adults can use to talk about the scenarios presented in the stories, helping children realize how to resolve difficult situations with themselves and others.

It is my goal to help today’s children on their journey towards tomorrow. Working together, we can make this generation of future leaders compassionate problem solvers with the needed self confidence and social skills to ensure our world becomes a better place for generations to come.