Astro and the Creepy New Kid

Astro and the Creepy New Kid

There’s a new kid in Astro’s class and he’s REALLY different.

Astro and his buddies think he’s creepy and don’t want anything to do with him.

That is until Astro is challenged to a wormy ghetti eating contest and game of globster smash.

The new kid offers Astro advice on how to win. Being fed up with losing all the time, Astro accepts the help even though he really doesn’t want to.

Will Astro be able to get over his feelings and learn what it means to get to know someone before judging them? Or will he give in to the pressure of his friends and be mean?

“Astro and the Creepy New Kid” is an out-of-this-world story that shows how easy it is to judge someone before getting to know them.

Astro and the One-Eyed Bully

Astro and the One-Eyed Bully

Astro has a BIG problem. He and his friends are being picked on at school by Titan, the one-eyed bully.

The bully takes Astro’s snack. He squeezes Luna’s horn and he pulls Rocket’s fur. And he does this every day!
Everyone is fed up. They’re mad and want to stop Titan.

Luna and Rocket decide to come up with a plan to embarrass Titan.

But Astro thinks there’s a better way to get him to stop. So, after school, he follows Titan home.

Will Astro be able to figure out why Titan is mean? Will he get Titan to be nice without embarrassing him? Or will Titan go on bullying Astro and his friends?

“Astro and the One-Eyed Bully” touches on the difficulties kids face with being bullied. This story highlights how social awareness and empathy are excellent skills to help kids overcome this real-life challenge.

Astro and the BIG School Project

Astro and the BIG School Project

Astro is super-excited. His school is having a contest where teams of four get to work on a BIG project. It can be on anything and the team that wins will get their names in the school paper.

Astro asks his best friends, Luna and Rocket, to be on his team, but that only makes three. They need a fourth teammate.

Luna and Rocket decide to ask Comet because he’s good at projects. He’s so good, they make him team captain.

Astro’s mad and his feelings are hurt. He wanted to be team captain, so he decides he won’t help.

Will Astro ruin his teams’ chances of winning because he won’t help?

“Astro and the BIG School Project” touches on the difficulties kids face when getting angry and jealous of others. This story teaches how being open-minded is an excellent leadership skill to promote effective teamwork.

Astro and the New Puppy

Astro and the New Puppy

Astro wants a space puppy. But his parents don’t think he’s responsible enough.

Promising he’ll take care of the puppy, his mom takes him to the Space Shelter, where Astro finds the perfect puppy and names him Cosmo.

At first, Astro is excited and takes good care of Cosmo. Soon, though, Astro gets tired of all the puppy chores he must do. So instead of taking Cosmo for a walk, as his mom asked, Astro takes his puppy to Spiky Thorn Field with his friends.

Astro has so much fun chasing flying snog beetles that he ends up losing Cosmo!

Will Astro have the courage to tell his parents he lost Cosmo? Will Astro be able to find his puppy? Will Astro learn about being responsible?

 “Astro and the New Puppy” touches on the difficulties kids face when caring for a family pet. It teaches how ownership, responsibility, and learning from mistakes promote personal growth, unlocking new ways of thinking and behaving.